Opinions on this year's Defensive Breakdowns

Hello, Arrowhead Pride readers! I'd like to pick your brains for a bit today on how to handle this year's defensive breakdowns. Since NFL Rewind is going to give us game tape (excited twitch), it opens up what I can do a little bit for the breakdowns. Currently, the KPM can survive in its current capacity. For those who don't know how that reads/what that looks like, jump over here and check it out. Watching game tape would help this to a point, but since most of the KPM is determining the successes of individual players at their points of attack, it would actually take me longer to evaluate. Instead of one camera angle to examine and try to determine what an individual is doing, I would get an extra to try to help determine the individual gap scheme. If the interface is solid enough to switch back and forth readily, doing that adds maybe 3-4 hours per breakdown. If it requires a completely separate sign in/switch for each play...well, let's just say there's no way in hell I'm doing that.

The other option is to take my opinion out of the breakdowns as much as possible, and make it statistical. In this scenario, I would keep track of which gap each player appears to be shooting/responsible for in the run game, and blitzes/coverage/pressures in the passing game. After keeping track of them, I will then track the yardage gained on each play in those situations. This should allow Chiefs fans to have an average yardage for when a specific player is assigned to a responsibility. For example, you could have an average yardage for when Glenn Dorsey is assigned to the "B" gap and teams run off tackle to his side. Rather than saying that someone eats more double teams than another player, actual offensive statistics can be placed behind the effectiveness of the player in specific situations. This may sound like a lengthy endeavor, but in reality, it should require less time to get the results. There are less variables to adjudge, and there should be much less play/pause/rewind/repeating than the KPM. Because there are less variables, I'll be able to create software that I can utilize on the fly, which increases my speed without decreasing accuracy.

So I ask you, loyal Arrowhead Pride readers, which of these methods would you prefer?

Original KPM: It's what readers are familiar with, it consists of one person's opinions of what he's seeing, and it doesn't require Kalo to shell out the extra dough for NFL Rewind. =)

Updated KPM: Still has the familiarity of the old style, but the opinions are supported by more accurate footage. Takes a significant amount of time, more so than the original KPM. Means that if Kalo gets busy, it's not happening.

Stats: Quick, and based on as little opinion as possible (Still can't possibly know the called gap scheme). Will not fully describe what happened on each and every play like the KPM can.

***EDIT - To be clear, I will still post my opinions on how I thought the players performed, there just won't be an out-and-out KPM number to compare the players directly.

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