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Free Agent TE Daniel Graham Working Out For Teams

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The Kansas City Chiefs have probably somewhere around 90 percent of the players already on their team that will line up as starters come September when the regular season starts. There are, however, a few spots here and there that will see more competition and one of those positions could be tight end.

The Chiefs are clearly concerned about Tony Moeaki's ability to recover from his ACL tear which led to the Kevin Boss signing. I'd expect the Chiefs to add even more depth there, perhaps via the free agent market. Matt Conner ran down some of the free agent tight ends out there and one of those names has a connection to GM Scott Pioli -- TE Daniel Graham.

Pioli and the Patriots selected him in the first round of the 2002 NFL Draft where he rose to level of offensive captain. He's 33 years old so he's not a guy you expect to come in and play 50+ snaps a game but there is a role for veteran tight ends like him.

Also intriguing is that he recently worked out for the Atlanta Falcons, according to ESPN Boston's Mike Reiss. GM Thomas Dimitroff, like Pioli, has ties back to Graham in New England.

Graham has been a free agent for over a week but we haven't heard anything concrete that would suggest the Chiefs are interested so consider this all speculation.