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An Important Day For Kansas City Chiefs ACL Crew

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This is a big day for the Kansas City Chiefs ACL crew. Romeo Crennel said last week that on June 18 the Chiefs injured players, including Jamaal Charles, Eric Berry and Tony Moeaki, would be tested and hopefully receive medical clearance for training camp.

From Crennel:

"They're all on the same timetable," Crennel said, via quotes sent out by the Chiefs. "They all have to get cleared on the 18th before they can be ready for training camp. If they get cleared, then we'll put them in training camp."

The good thing about tearing your ACL in training camp, like Moeaki, or in the first two weeks of the season, like Berry and Charles, is that you have plenty of time to recover. Other players who tore their ACL even later than those three have participated in offseason programs across the league so it would appear the Chiefs are just being extra cautious with these guys.

Let's hope for some good news today.