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Chiefs' Debut On NFL Network's Top 100 Comes Tonight

When I was on 610 Sports earlier today, Danny Parkins and Carrington Harrison thought the NFL's Top 100 players countdown was a little stupid. I can see that take, but I'd disagree a little bit. I find it somewhat entertaining, especially when it involves the Kansas City Chiefs.

And tonight, the Chiefs will be involved. The Chiefs official website passes along word that a Chief will be featured in the No. 80-71 countdown on NFL Network tonight at 7:00 p.m. (Arrowhead Time).

As points out, the Chiefs had five players on the list last year: Eric Berry (93), Brian Waters (67), Tamba Hali (64), Dwayne Bowe (45) and Jamaal Charles (33).

Noticeably absent from that list is Derrick Johnson.

The list is voted on by players (which makes me wonder how Tim Tebow landed at No. 95). What's really kinda silly about it is that they immediately film a reaction show on their own content.

So, which Chief makes the list tonight? My money's on DJ.

(H/T ICTChief)

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