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Jamaal Charles On Peyton Hillis' Role With The Chiefs

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In 2010, the Kansas City Chiefs led the NFL in rushing behind Thomas Jones and Jamaal Charles. In 2012, the Chiefs hope to do the same by swapping out Jones with new running back Peyton Hillis, who was signed in free agency.

The Jones-Hillis comparison comes to us from Charles, who told the KC media on Tuesday that he sees Hillis in a similar role as Jones was two years ago.
"No, I feel like he's the same as Thomas Jones. He's going to come in and get all the tough yards and all the power and I feel like that was the same thing when Thomas was here."
Jones averaged 3.7 yards per carry that season and seemed to fall off as the season went on. Hillis is younger so I think, ideally, you can do better than 3.7 yards per carry. And, as I've said before, I'm not too high on situations that take the ball out of Charles' hands.
"I don't really care, I'm not a selfish player, and I just want to win. If he can contribute to the team and put points on the board, why not? I don't care about how many yards; I feel like every week if we win the game, I don't have any complaints. He came in, we brought him in to win games. We didn't bring him in to compete with each other, but we'll compete with each other in a certain way. But I don't think he's on this team, I'm on that team, I want to beat him up. I want to train with him and be his best friend."

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