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What Chiefs Players Said About Concussions

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Kansas City Chiefs players met with the media on Tuesday and a number of players were asked about what seems to be the topic of the year -- concussions. With Junior Seau's death, and other league-union issues floating around the media, it's a topic that will continue to come up.

Brandon Flowers says he's had two concussions in his career -- one in high school and one in his rookie year with the Chiefs, which came with a knee to the helmet.
"It's just a blow to the head. You lose memory, short term memory, for a little bit, a day or so and then it comes back to you."
Dexter McCluster said he's had a couple of concussions in his career, but not in the NFL.
"Yeah, I've definitely had a couple concussions throughout my years of playing football. It's pretty crazy; everything feels a little blurry, a little fuzzy. Sometimes, after a while, you have to bounce back, but you really have to know your body. If you can't go, if your vision is blurry and you feel that as a competitor and as an athlete you want to play, you have to know your limits. Concussions can be very serious."
Branden Albert explained to reporters that he's never had a concussion in his career.
"Fortunately I've never had a concussion. It's a serious issue. I can't really speak on it, I'm not very knowledgeable. I just hear a big argument about player safety and concussions being a big thing. I guess it's a big focus of the NFL and I think the NFL is making strides in improving the safety of the players and hopefully the rate of that goes down."

Quotes were distributed by the team.

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