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Two Chiefs Rookies Will Miss A Portion Of Minicamp This Weekend

The Kansas City Chiefs will be opening up the gates for the rookie minicamp this weekend which will include all eight of the 2012 NFL Draft picks and the entire undrafted free agent class. The Chiefs will be missing at least two players due to school obligations. (So, school still sucks even when you get your first job.)

The KC Star's Adam Teicher reports that two Chiefs rookies -- 2nd round pick Jeff Allen and UDFA Tim Biere -- will miss a day of the rookie minicamp, with Romeo Crennel's permission.

Allen, who comes from Illinois, will miss Saturday's practice. Biere, who comes from Kansas, will miss Sunday's workout.

I'd be curious to see how NFL teams view players who want to miss a day of practice for graduation. On the one hand, it's important for the players to walk across the stage, like everyone else. On the other hand, a guy like Biere, an undrafted free agent, only has so many opportunities to impress the Chiefs coaching staff, and he'll miss one on Sunday.

How do you balance something so important personally, like graduation, and something so important professionally, like this first weekend with the Chiefs coaches? I can see both sides of this one.

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