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Eric Winston On Roger Goodell

The NFL Lockout ended last year but the animosity between the NFL and the players doesn't seem to be going anywhere. In the last week, we've seen the NFLPA going to battle with the NFL over the suspensions to the players allegedly involved in the New Orleans Saints bounty scandal. The NFLPA releases a statement saying one thing, and the NFL responds saying another. It's almost like the lockout never ended.

ESPN's Chadiha explored the relationship between the league and the players and the result is this piece on where new Chiefs RT Eric Winston is quoted as saying:

"He's judge, jury and executioner. The joke around the locker room in Houston was that Goodell is like Xerxes [the ruler] in the movie '300.' He can do whatever he wants. Obviously, he has the power to do that -- and that's partially our fault because we didn't get it addressed in the [collective bargaining agreement] -- but it also doesn't make for a friendly environment."

Employees and their bosses not getting along...this isn't anything new, really. It's just that the NFL is a tad more high-profile than your every day job.

Check out the full story.

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