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6 Questions For Chiefs Draft Pick Dontari Poe

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The Kansas City Chiefs ask themselves six questions about every NFL Draft prospect, questions that were reported in Michael Holley's book, "War Room". I wanted to take a look at all those questions and apply them to each of the Chiefs draft picks.

Up first is Dontari Poe, the Chiefs first round pick.

What will this player's role be as a Chief?

Starting nose tackle.

Will the role change from year one to year two?

Sort of. I don't see the Chiefs using him as an every-down player right off the bat. Just a guess, but I think they'd prefer to ease him in, even if that means only playing 30-40 snaps a game in the first year. The Chiefs have already said there is a learning curve involved here so I don't think we can expect him to play every down right off the bat.

How many downs can he be expected to play?

Three. Ideally, Poe is a three-down player at some point in his Chiefs career. As noted above, I'm not sure that happens right away but the longterm plan for Poe is for him to be a three-down player.

Which current player on the roster will he beat out?

Jerrell Powe, Anthony Toribio and Amon Gordon. Powe was a sixth round pick last year, who will now fulfill a depth role. Toribio has been on the team for a couple years now but hasn't consistently made the game day roster. Gordon fulfills other roles outside of depth at nose tackle. Kelly Gregg, last year's nose tackle, is likely not to return now.

What's his value on special teams?

Very little. Maybe he becomes an expert field goal blocker.

Does he have positional versatility?

Yes. He played several positions along the defensive line at Memphis and could do the same in Kansas City, depending on the Chiefs personnel.

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