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KC Chiefs Approval Poll Round-Up

We've completed all three of our Kansas City Chiefs approval polls for this month and two of the three members of the Chiefs saw their approval ratings increase from last month to now.

I rounded up our May approval poll numbers. Click the link to see the previous month's results.

The NFL Draft has been kind to Pioli. Just before free agency in March, Pioli was at 29 percent. But after free agency, he rose to 80 percent in April and now 78 percent in May.

Crennel is the most popular of these three. He finished May at 89 percent, the highest number we've seen from him since the Chiefs made him the new head coach.

Hunt continues to improve his approval ratings. His numbers were very low ever since about the NFL Lockout started last year, and in the last two months it's been improving. He was at 63 percent in March and 62 percent in April. This is the highest he's been sine March 2011.

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