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Which Way Are The AFC West Teams Trending?

SB Nation Kansas City's Chop Talk podcast had a good guest on last night -- Cecil Lammey of 102.3 ESPN in Denver. One of the things he had to say on the podcast was this about the AFC West:

I see (AFC West) as a two team race. This is Denver. This is KC. San Diego on the way down, Oakland is Oakland and this will come down to Denver and KC in my eyes. You try and replace Vincent Jackson with Robert Meachem? That's a laugh out loud moment right there. AJ Smith, the lord of no rings.

This brings up a good community question -- which way is each AFC West team trending?

For example, I'd say the Chiefs are trending up. They added key talent and got better this offseason, in my opinion.

I'd put the AFC West teams like this:

I don't think there's much of an argument that the Broncos are trending up. Same with the Chiefs. The Chargers are going to be good next year but they lost a lot of talent in the offseason. Despite a good free agency class, I'd say they're trending the wrong way. The Raiders are, well, the Raiders.

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