Concern over Poe: Overblown, or right on?

After the chiefs took Dontari Poe with the 11th overall pick, i admit i was a little skepticle. After listening to Scott Pioli and Romeo Crennel after the first day of the draft i started to feel better about the pick, and i also understood why the took him at 11. if trading back to,lets say Dallas' spot at 14, then whats to say that seattle wudnt take him at 12?

Anyway on to my thoughts before i ramble on... the major problem that fans have with Poe is the range of criticizm that surrounds him. what i mean by this is that one "expert" says he is a bust while the next says he is medicore at best and another might say he is the next vince wilfork.

there a few things that i want to mention that would shed some light on Poe's performance. 1) first of all i want to say that all the "experts" you hear on TV talking about a play is just giving their opinion, nothing else. these guys dont have to worry about schemes that the player would fit in or how he would even fit into a teams needs. all 32 teams have a scouting department so that team can work through and agree on players that would work best for their team. no team just drafts a player because he is on the board, they put in alot of work researching these players unlike these "experts"

2) in the 3 years that Poe was at memphis, he had to endure 2 new head coaches, 3 different defensive coordinators, and atleast 2 D-line coaches. now, while going thru all of this Poe was shuffled all over the D-line, not ever being able to learn one true technique. if your job shuffled you someplace new everyday, would you be able to do a 100% job at it?

3) Memphis in its self was a horrible team. Poe may not have had the stats to back up his play but whos to say thats all his fault. if the other guys on the line arent very good, then the best player on the field is gonna be the offenses biggest priorty. eleminating them and making the other players make plays.

i want to see how Poe does with good players beside him that know how to and can do their jobs. now i am not saying that Pow is going to be the best player in the world, but i am also not saying that he is a total bust from the start. all the criticizm that surrounds Poe may be warranted, but obviously Pioli and Crennel saw something good that people on tv didnt. i am more interested in knowing what other teams scouting departments really thought about him. i will trust in pioli and crennel to get this kid motivated to play on sundays and make this defense a nightmare to play against.

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