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The Jonathan Baldwin What-If

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Here's something we should at least consider:

What if Jonathan Baldwin becomes a star for the Kansas City Chiefs?

This got me thinking after reading all the reports of Baldwin's apparently impressive catch at the Chiefs OTAs this week, and the positive reports coming out on him. What if Baldwin enters beast mode, his physical talents are put to the max and he finishes the season with like 1,200 yards and 12 touchdowns, showing us No. 1 receiver-like skills?

Any Chiefs player putting up big numbers is a good thing. We know that. But, boy, that would sure change things in Kansas City.

Right now, Dwayne Bowe is pretty much the only sure-thing on the Chiefs offense. He's the man and there's really no other way around it. From that standpoint, the Chiefs absolutely gotta have Bowe back for the longterm and Baldwin's future doesn't figure into that as much as it should.

But look at it from another standpoint. The Chiefs dropped $20+ million on Steve Breaston. They drafted a receiver in the first round last year and the fourth round this year. On paper, the Chiefs appear to be preparing for life after Bowe.

And on paper, Baldwin, as a first round pick, should become a legit No. 1 receiver some day. At least he has the physical tools for that.

I've just kind of assumed that Bowe would be back as a cornerstone of the Chiefs offense. But if Baldwin steps up and becomes that player then the dynamic of the Chiefs could change quite a bit.

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