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Chiefs Two TE Sets Will Be Ready When Tony Moeaki Returns

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The NFL is a copycat league and often it seems the team that many are copying from is the New England Patriots. In the last two years the use of the Patriots tight ends -- Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez -- has gotten a lot of attention because, well, they're pretty badass together (that's some analysis for you).

Utilizing two tight end sets more often seems like part of the direction the Chiefs are headed considering the return of Tony Moeaki and the addition of free agent Kevin Boss.

"Obviously I like the more tight ends the better," Moeaki said via comments sent out by the Chiefs. "Having multiple tight ends is a good balance. Every team you see is using tight ends, so hopefully me and Boss can contribute to that."

The person who should like the tight ends the most? Matt Cassel.

"Absolutely, the tight end position is critical in every offense," Cassel said, "especially in ours, not only in the run game, but also in the pass game. You can create mismatches with those guys, we've got a great competition going on with those guys right now. It'll also be good to get Tony back when he comes back and is ready to go as well."

If the Chiefs play the way I think they'll play this year, they'll be one of the top rushing teams in the NFL. Playing with two tight ends on the field opens up the passing game quite a bit when you're such a threat to run the ball.

All sounds to be going well for Moeaki who said on Tuesday that he's anxious to get back. When talking about the injured Chiefs we talk the most about Jamaal Charles and Eric Berry so it's easy to forget just how excited we were about Moeaki during his rookie year.

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