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Peyton Hillis Says Chiefs Have A Tight Locker Room

Interesting comments from Kansas City Chiefs RB Peyton Hillis, who signed with the team just a couple of months ago. Hillis was asked about the level of camaraderie between the players in the locker room and he says this is one of the closest locker rooms he's ever seen.

"Out of all the teams I've been on," Hillis said, "this is the team to me that is most-closely combined just because everybody knows each other at some point, everything has come together, everybody's from the same branch, same tree - Coach (Brian) Daboll, Coach (Romeo) Crennel, Scott Pioli, everybody's from the same tree. When that leaks down, and we all know how big of a leader Coach Crennel is, we're really rallying behind that and hoping that good things happen."

You always hear great teams talk about this -- having a great locker room. It's something GM Scott Pioli has hit on a number of times as well. I'm not in that locker room or lining up on the field so I can't accurately depict what that type of locker room is but I do know that successful teams talk about it. And teams that are less than successful usually don't.

Many players on the team are connected because they came into the league together as Chiefs draft picks. Others, including front office staff, are connected to Pioli back in New England. And more, including coaches, are connected to Romeo Crennel from Cleveland.

There are plenty of connections between coaches and players on this team.

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