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Jonathan Baldwin's Catch Is All The Talk

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Jonathan Baldwin and one of his catches at the Kansas City Chiefs OTAs today is all the rage. I wasn't out at Arrowhead but a number of tweets coming out of Chiefs practice have talked about a circus-style catch from Jonathan Baldwin.

The KC Star said it was "slightly less spectacular" as Baldwin's behind-the-defender's-back catch/no catch last year. Josh Looney said Tuesday's catch was even better than that catch.

Unfortunately, it doesn't sound like we'll be seeing that catch on film. That came at a time when cameras weren't rolling (other than, presumably, the team-run cameras).

But the catch was all the talk among those who saw it. The Chiefs provided some quotes from the players today and a handful were about Baldwin's catch (it is still May, after all).

Adam Teicher (Kansas City Star): Talk about the catch you made in practice today?

Jonathan Baldwin: "We always want to go make the play. I just want to make every play that I possibly can and I was fortunate to make that play today."

Josh Looney ( It kind of looked like a basketball alley-oop play. Is that what it felt like?

Baldwin: "It was kind of like that, but you just have to continue to build off every day, so it's a stepping stone. Just need to keep on building and keep improving every day."

Teicher: How did today's catch compare to last year's catch against Denver that got called back because of a penalty?

Baldwin: "Well, they were both pretty good catches, but like I said, you've got to move on now and get ready for the next day."


Adam Teicher (Kansas City Star): Do you think in a jump-ball situation Jon Baldwin is going to win it?

Matt Cassel: "I like to think so. He's a guy that likes to go up and compete. Again, he's a big body. This kid is all of 6-4 and he can jump. He's a guy that's going to go out and compete. There are not a lot of players that can go up vertically with him and stay with him."

Josh Looney ( In that instance you were just throwing the ball up to him?

Cassel: "In that situation what you're trying to do is mock an end-of-the-game situation. Every time the situation changes we have timeouts, sometimes we don't, and other times we need a touchdown. So, we're trying to take a shot in a one-on-one opportunity."

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