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HBO's Hard Knocks Picks The Miami Dolphins

HBO found its team for Hard Knocks -- and it's not the Kansas City Chiefs.

The Miami Dolphins announced this morning that they will be featured on HBO's Hard Knocks during training camp this year. Here's a running list of all the teams that said no to Hard Knocks.

The Dolphins appearance on Hard Knocks makes sense. Miami's reputation took a hit this offseason when both Peyton Manning and Matt Flynn declined overtures to play in South Florida. Doing Hard Knocks will give their own fans, as well as outsiders, a glimpse of their operation. It makes sense from that perspective.

I would've loved for the Chiefs to do Hard Knocks again but we knew that was unlikely. That definitely doesn't seem like the Chiefs style, even if they have been opening up more recently.

Hard Knocks is so great because it takes something that was never really publicized before and gives you an inside look of how an NFL team operates.. It's also an impressive turnaround time because HBO films during training camp while also releasing shows during training camp. It's not real time, but it's a lot closer than what we're used to.

The Dolphins on Hard Knocks...are you gonna watch it this year? It could be decent but there's not a ton of star power on that team.

It's Game Time.

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