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Do Kansas City Chiefs Fans Still Have This Reputation?

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Does Arrowhead Stadium and the Kansas City Chiefs fans still have that reputation that we used to? That we're among the best fans in the NFL and we pack Arrowhead Stadium every home game during the fall?

Apparently, we do.

I was reading this piece from Stampede Blue about how the Colts are having some trouble selling tickets in the post-Peyton Manning era. Brad Wells writes this:

Comparable markets like Pittsburgh, Kansas City, and Minnesota are not facing similar ticket issues, with K.C. being the one I personally point to. The Colts have been far more successful over the last 20 years than the Chiefs, who haven't won a playoff game since Joe Montana was their quarterback in 1993. Seriously, how many of you readers were even old enough to watch football back then? 19 years, and no playoff wins! Can you imagine Lucas Oil having any fans in it at all on Sunday if the Colts went through a comparable stretch?

Yet, Arrowhead Stadium has no problem with season ticket sales, as far as I am aware.

I wouldn't say the Chiefs have "no problem" with ticket sales. Locally, we know that's been an issue recently. In fact, the Chiefs had their first blackout in two decades just a few years ago.

It's interesting that the perception outside of Kansas City is still that the Chiefs are selling out Arrowhead Stadium every weekend. True, they're usually "sell outs" but we all know the attendance has been lower in the last few years than the prime years of the 1990s and early 2000s.

Maybe I'm feeling like this because Chiefs fans set the bar so ridiculously high when the Chiefs were at their best. At least we all know that when the Chiefs are good -- lookin' at you, 2010 season -- Arrowhead can still rock it.

Goes to show you how long a reputation can stick around, whether it's deserved or not.

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