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Chiefs Offseason Story Lines Are Emerging


It's getting to that point of the offseason where the story lines are emerging. The Kansas City Chiefs are hoping to return to glory -- or just a 10-win season would be nice -- and there are a few hot topics that we'll be talking about all offseason.

You know what these stories are: Where does Dexter McCluster fit? Can Matt Cassel lead the Chiefs to glory? Will the injured guys return healthy?

I'd argue that those three questions are the top three stories of the rest of the Chiefs offseason.

Where does Dexter McCluster fit?

Running back? Receiver? Both? The Chiefs are starting him off at receiver in OTAs this year but the latest story from Adam Teicher of the Kansas City Star suggests that McCluster could also see time at running back.

McCluster's move back to receiver on the first day of OTAs caused a mini-uproar because as we enter year three there's still no defined role for McCluster (that we can see, at least). Maybe his defined role is that it's undefined, if that makes sense. The Chiefs could be using him at a number of spots, perhaps as depth at both running back and receiver (Buzz word alert: versatility).

Can Matt Cassel lead the Chiefs to the postseason and win a playoff game?

We've had this argument before, haven't we?

Oh, yeah. The last three years. This is the annual question with Cassel, and really it's the question with any Chiefs quarterback. KC hasn't won a playoff game in 18 years so this will be the question laid upon every quarterback that takes a snap with the Chiefs until that streak is broken.

We all know the concerns regarding Cassel. He can't win the big game, he's not elite, he's not accurate enough and so on and so forth. We'll keep talking about all that stuff but what we all really want to see is Cassel lining up in the playoffs and trying to win a postseason game.

Will the injured guys come back healthy?

We're talking mostly about the ACL crew -- Tony Moeaki, Eric Berry and Jamaal Charles. Every time we talk about the Chiefs from 2011 to 2012, this is a major part of the conversation. We all know that some players come back 100 percent from these injuries and others lose a step. We have no idea how each Chief will be affected by these injuries but it's a question we'll continue to look at this offseason.


Did I miss any of the top story lines? I feel like I'm a little light on "OMG, Dontari Poe is a bust!" stories.

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