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Brian Daboll's History With Breakout Seasons

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Yesterday afternoon, Rotoworld's Evan Silva tweeted this out:

Reggie Bush, Peyton Hillis, Jerome Harrison all had career years under new Chiefs OC Brian Daboll. Perhaps notable for Jamaal Charles.

And he's right.

In 2009, Harrison averaged 4.4 yards per carry rushing for a career best 862 yards, as well as 220 yards receiving. In 2010, Hillis also averaged 4.4 yards per carry en route to a 1,177 yard rushing season. He had 477 yards receiving that year. In 2011, Bush had by far his most productive rushing campaign of his career passing the 1,000 yard mark. He had more combined rushing and receiving yards than any other year in his career.

And then there's Jamaal Charles. He could end up rushing for more than his previous career high, 1,467 yards, but it's hard to see him having a true "career year" considering over six yards per carry, as he had in that 2010 season, is kind of a big deal around the NFL.

Just some food for thought (if it hasn't already been mentioned, which I'm sure it has).

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