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NFL Says No Decision On Pro Bowl's Future

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If you remember a few months ago NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell indicated that the league has considered scrapping the Pro Bowl because of the poor quality of play in the game. That suggestion was met with some indifference from a lot of fans because, well, the Pro Bowl does have a poor quality of play.

Goodell spoke with reporters at the owners meetings this week and said a decision on that could be coming soon.

We did have a lengthy discussion about the Pro Bowl, not specifically about a site. The discussion was about the quality of the Pro Bowl, including the commitments we have with our network partners; where we could play the game and about all of our discussions with the Players Association, how to make the game better. We've had numerous discussions over several months about what we can do to make the game more competitive. I've said it repeatedly, particularly since the last game that we have to improve the quality of that game. If we can't improve it and can't make it more competitive, then we shouldn't play.

During NFL Draft week last month, Goodell told several SB Nation bloggers that one possibility is changing how players are paid for the week. Instead of a winners and losers share, it could be based on performance on the field.

Goodell said New Orleans and Honolulu are two potential sites if the 2013 Pro Bowl ends up happening.

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