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6 Questions For Chiefs Draft Pick DeQuan Menzie

Our 6 questions series is back. The Kansas City Chiefs ask themselves six questions about each player leading up to the 2012 NFL Draft -- the questions come via Michael Holley's "War Room" -- and we're applying those questions to the KC Chiefs draft picks.

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Up today is De'Quan Menzie, defensive back out of Alabama. The Chiefs were deciding between Menzie and Devon Wylie in the fourth round and ultimately decided to go with Wylie. Luckily, Menzie was still available in the fifth round, where the Chiefs picked him.

What will this player's role be as a Chief?

Safety depth. We think, at least. Menzie's role isn't quite defined yet as he hasn't lined up yet with the veterans due to an injury that also kept him out for part of the rookie minicamp. But I think he's going to be the third safety behind Eric Berry and Kendrick Lewis. He played the slot or "star" at Alabama so that's a consideration as well. He can be moved around in the sub-package and gives the Chiefs options, which is the idea.

Will the role change from year one to year two?

No. It could due to an injury to someone but I think Menzie's ideal role is being the third safety on the field, or playing in the slot. He can do that in year one and beyond.

How many downs can he be expected to play?

Not every down. It depends on the personnel on the field. He's not part of the base defense. If he plays in the slot he could see quite a bit of time considering how often many teams have multiple receiver sets. This answer really depends on how often the Chiefs want to get him on the field, but he's not a Derrick Johnson or a Brandon Flowers that will be on the field every snap next season.

Which current player on the roster will he beat out?

Donald Washington and Jon McGraw, who isn't on the roster anymore. McGraw filled the role of that third safety last season. Outside of Washington and McGraw, he won't need to truly beat anyone out. Javier Arenas, for example, also plays some slot, which Menzie has done. They could be competing for time there.

What's his value on special teams?

Yes. I don't know what that is yet, but I assume a rookie defensive back has special teams potential.

Does he have positional versatility?

Yes. That's probably his biggest asset -- he can play a number of positions. The Chiefs are starting him off at safety but NFL Films' Greg Cosell thought he was the best slot cornerback in the draft. The "star" position at Alabama asks a lot of a player mentally so from what I understand Menzie is capable of playing multiple positions.

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