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VIDEO: RGIII, Trent Richardson And Others Last Weekend

The video above will show you how I spent my weekend in Los Angeles. Myself and other members of SB Nation made the trip to California for the NFLPA Rookie Premiere last weekend and on one of those days we went to the Rose Bowl where the rookies were participating in a photo shoot with the trading card companies.

It was the first time most of them were in full uniform so it was pretty cool to see. It was also an environment in which the players were very relaxed and having fun, which made for a great video. Definitely take a minute to check it out.

Several players took the SB Nation mic and did our work for us interviewing other rookies. Among those who took our mic were Redskins QB Robert Griffin III, Browns RB Trent Richardson, Giants RB David Wilson and Colts TE Dwayne Allen, who interviewed Colts QB Andrew Luck.

I found out for myself what others have said: RGIII is the man. I can't say enough about that guy. Despite conducting interview after interview, he was personable and engaging every time we interacted with him, as you can see in the video. Trent Richardson, who I thought was more of a quiet and serious person, was also very funny in interviewing other players at the Rose Bowl.

Check out the whole video above, and keep an eye on more videos from the weekend that we'll be rolling out at our YouTube page. I have a write-up on the day over at

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