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New KC Chiefs Players Talk About Getting Back At It

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The Kansas City Chiefs have nearly 90 players under contract which means there are a ton of new faces at the start of OTAs. The Chiefs added a few key starters in free agency, along eight draft picks and 15 undrafted free agents, among other signings.

A lot has changed out at Arrowhead. A number of the new players, including Eric Winston, Brady Quinn, Stanford Routt and a few of the rookies, spoke about getting back at it this offseason, except with a new team.
Quotes come via the Chiefs.

Eric Winston: "Kind of confused a little bit, I think the body was wondering what I was doing. But you snap into it pretty quick when you start running plays and doing things. It's always the first day, it's always tough, it's always kind of a body shock to get back into that normalcy of playing football and doing drills and doing all that stuff. But we'll get back into it."

Brady Quinn: "It was really different in the beginning, but this place is a great place. I feel very blessed to be here. I'm excited about the opportunity."

Stanford Routt: "It's a little different for me, for the first time in like seven years, I'm just walking around saying ‘Hi, I'm Stanford,' introducing myself to people and asking people ‘where's this room and where's that room?' It's going pretty good. Everybody's been real helpful and it's helping my transition a whole lot."

Dontari Poe: "Yeah. It's been good. So far, so good."

Donald Stephenson: "I'm loving it. You can tell there are a lot of good guys around this organization. I'm just glad to be a part of it. I fit right in."

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