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VIDEO: Closer Look At Chiefs WR Devon Wylie

Arrowhead Pride: Talking Kansas City Chiefs Fourth-Round Pick, Devon Wylie (via sbnarrowheadpride)

We've got another video for you from the Arrowhead Pride YouTube channel and this time we're looking at fourth-round pick, WR Devon 'Wiggles' Wylie out of Fresno State. We've already talked Dontari Poe and DeQuan Menzie in past videos in case you missed them. Check them all out here.

Don't forget to subscribe to the YouTube channel if you haven't already done that. Our goal is 1,000 subscribers before June 15th and to subscribe to the channel follow this link. Thanks again to Clay for helping cut up the clips for these videos.

After watching these clips what kind of an impact could Wylie make as a rookie for the Chiefs in 2012?

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