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'The Sky Is The Limit' For Jonathan Baldwin, Steve Breaston Says

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Question: What if Kansas City Chiefs WR Jonathan Baldwin lives up to the potential he's flashed and becomes a complete badass, legit No. 1 wide receiver? (Note: "complete badass" is a scouting term from the Joel Thorman school of scouting.)

Because Baldwin didn't have a significant impact in his rookie year I think we sometimes forget that this guy was a first round pick and has the look of a No. 1 receiver. Steve Breaston, for one, thinks the "sky is the limit" for Baldwin.

"I think everybody knows that he has got it athletically," Breaston said of Baldwin in comments distributed by the Chiefs. "He came back this offseason, he's in his playbook. He's learning a lot.

"The thing about that is, at a receiver, when you know your offense and you know where to be, you play faster because you're no longer thinking. You're athletic ability takes over, and that's what it's coming to at receiver. You can be talented, but you're not as fast as you are because you don't know certain things. But if you see JB is out there, he's in the meetings, he's attentive. He's calling out the plays and things like that. He knows that it is just going to allow him a lot of pass room on the field."

It's going to be interesting to see how Baldwin develops this year considering all the reasons he has not to succeed last year (lockout, injury). The Chiefs won't say it but I wouldn't be surprised if Baldwin's 2012 season has an impact on the future of Dwayne Bowe, who has yet to sign his franchise tender.

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