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More On Kansas City Chiefs QB Matt Cassel And Scott Pioli

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Earlier today, Joel mentioned that Kansas City Chiefs GM Scott Pioli had an interesting back and forth with Kevin Kietzman of 810 WHB Sports radio yesterday. Joel brought up Kietzman's love for Andrew Luck in his earlier post and Pioli had a pretty good response (As did Kietzman).

And of course there was more about quarterbacks in that interview, notably the Chiefs' current starting QB Matt Cassel. Here's what Pioli said on Cassel and the state of the franchise quarterback, courtesy of Sports Radio Interviews:

"I think that we have a really good quarterback. I think we have three good quarterbacks. I think the guy who's set to be our starting quarterback is a good quarterback, he's a good starting NFL quarterback."

That's four mentions of "good" in a rather short paragraph. On my first read through of this interview, I have to admit I felt like the Chiefs GM was overselling Matt Cassel on being good.

Scott Pioli continued the interview by talking about the fan base's perception of Cassel:

And I think as he gets more opportunities, Matt (Cassel) is gonna continue to show people that he's a good NFL quarterback. It's interesting. I've been out and about town with my family, and I talk to fans, you talk to fans, you hear different things, and there's a lot of times where I hear from people - there's people out there that don't understand the criticism of Matt, or this growing groundswell in pockets of Matt allegedly not being a good enough quarterback."

If you're a Kansas City Chiefs fan and you're unaware of the decent percentage of fans who consider themselves to be anti-Matt Cassel, you're just not hanging out in the right spots. That criticism is alive and well here at Arrowhead Pride, Kansas City sports radio and in other media outlets.

Are there really engaged Chiefs out there who aren't aware of the anti-Matt Cassel contingent? I don't think so.

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