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Two Draft Picks Ahead Of Dontari Poe Have Signed

With Donald Stephenson reportedly agreeing to contract terms, the Kansas City Chiefs have just one draft pick unsigned -- DT Dontari Poe. That he's the last to sign is to be expected considering he's the highest draft pick in the class.

We haven't heard whether the Chiefs are close to signing Poe but the signings of those drafted around him suggest things should be getting closer.

Poe was drafted 11th and the two guys drafted directly ahead of him have agreed to their rookie contracts. Ninth overall pick Luke Kuechly signed a four-year, $12.58 million deal with the Carolina Panthers and 10th overall pick Stephon Gilmore signed a four-year, $12.1 million deal with the Buffalo Bills. Gilmore's deal was just reported this morning.

That leaves No. 11. The 12th pick, Fletcher Cox, has yet to sign his deal with the Philadelphia Eagles.

So Poe's deal will come out pushing around $12 million over four years.

The draft pick contracts are slotted and the role of the agent is to max out that slot and secure as much guaranteed money as possible. That's what they're negotiating over. Not a lot of wiggle room, thus the easier draft pick signings this year.

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