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Matt Cassel Can Feel Like A Rookie Again

Something that we (or maybe just me) forget sometimes is that the Kansas City Chiefs are going to have a new offense in 2012. The Chiefs brought in Brian Daboll as offensive coordinator and while some things will be similar, other parts of the offense will be different.

I thought of this again when reading this article from Steve Wyche of, who spoke with Matt Cassel this week about the Chiefs offense in 2012.

"In terms of formation and protections, I've had to get up to speed on a lot of different terminology I haven't used before," Cassel said. "It's been fun. It's allowed me to get back in the book, be like a rookie again. It's a different mentality than in the past."

The learning curve means there's an added importance to the Chiefs offseason workouts.

And it also means that the preseason could actually be entertaining.

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