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Chiefs GM Keeps Getting Asked About Matt Cassel

Kansas City Chiefs GM Scott Pioli has had some interesting interactions with the KC sports radio scene lately.

Last week, Pioli talked with Bob Fescoe and Josh Klingler and things turned a little awkward when Pioli asked to move on from questions about Dwayne Bowe. The last question was a legit one as Klingler asked if there is any sort of waiver Bowe can sign to participate in workouts without signing his franchise tender (there is). But Pioli, sensing where the conversation was going, said he wanted to move onto another topic. From his perspective, there's not a whole lot to gain from talking about Bowe, who is unsigned. I can understand that.

And now on Wednesday, Pioli went on 810 WHB, where Kevin Kietzmann grilled him on Matt Cassel and the Chiefs quarterback situation. I got the sense that Pioli, who repeatedly said Cassel was a quarterback they can win with, was getting frustrated with some of the questions regarding Cassel.

A memorable exchange from the show yesterday....

Kietzmann: "To me, I like the eight players you drafted but I'd trade all eight for Andrew Luck. If I believed personally that he was going to be a great and franchise quarterback, I'd give up my whole draft."

Pioli: "Kevin, I hope you become the general manager of the Denver Broncos."

Kietzmann: "Really, because you know what they did? They signed Peyton Manning and drafted their quarterback of the future."

It's going to be an interesting year in Kansas City....

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