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Romeo Crennel Wraps Up Chiefs Rookie Minicamp

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Good morning everyone. I was out of the loop this weekend with some real life things so unfortunately we didn't get much rookie minicamp coverage, but that will change today. The Chiefs eight draft picks, 15 undrafted free agents, 10 tryout players and other first year players participated in the three-day rookie minicamp at Arrowhead this weekend.

Chiefs coach Romeo Crennel spoke on Sunday and ran down the progress made by some of the players, including the draft picks. Here's what he said:

Dontari Poe: "I know everybody wants to know about [Dontari] Poe a little bit. I thought he made some progress from day one until today. He still has work to do."

Jeff Allen: "[Jeff] Allen missed time because of his graduation, but in the first day he looked like he could bend a little bit, took some leadership, asked good questions in the classroom, so we're excited about that."

Donald Stephenson: "Donald Stephenson, I think he's a good athlete. I think he's going to do well for us.

Devon Wylie: "[Devon] Wylie showed he has some quickness and has ability to make some plays. I think that's the case.

Junior Hemingway: "[Junior] Hemingway, I think he's a sure-handed receiver and I think once he gets acclimated to the way we do things, I think he'll show up a little bit more."

Cyrus Gray: "Cyrus [Gray] has been there and he's been doing a little bit. He shows flashes. One time, he looks really good and another time, he looks like he doesn't know what to do yet, but that's what a rookie does. We feel pretty good about that.

Tryout players: "The tryouts that we had, basically we let all of them go this morning except for the quarterback, [David] LeGree, because we did want a guy to throw for us. What we told them, and we told their agents when we brought them here, that it was just a tryout and we'd probably send everybody home and then we're going to talk about it and decide or determine if we want to bring anybody else back. That includes Leon Williams, who was with me in Cleveland; that includes Martin Rucker, who was with me in Cleveland, so that's where all the tryouts are. We're going to meet and then we're going to decide if we want to bring anybody back or not."

Undrafted free agents: "Then the free agents that we signed, they all worked hard. [Josh] Bellamy, the receiver, he showed up once or twice with a burst and some quickness. The rest of them showed a good work ethic that they're willing to work hard, and I think that they'll be good teammates on the team. Then, we'll just have to see where they go from there."

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