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Here Are The Chiefs 10 Tryout Players

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The names of the 10 Kansas City Chiefs tryout players are out. Josh Looney of the Chiefs official site has named all 10 of the tryout players who, along with the eight draft picks and 15 undrafted free agents, will be participating in the Chiefs rookie minicamp this weekend.

The Chiefs will have former Mizzou TE Martin Rucker in the house, as previously reported. Other players with at least some NFL experience include LB Leon Williams, OL Jacob Phillips and LS Clint Mower. Both Rucker and Williams were drafted by the Romeo Crennel-led Browns.

The rest of the players participating: QB David LeGree (6-5, 230), WR/LS James Winchester (6-3, 200), DB Dominique Ellis (5-11, 195), K Jason Cunningham (6-1, 180), LS Tom DeTemple (6-2, 232), P Paul Hershey (6-3, 198).

This is a minicamp with an offense and defense so some positions, like quarterback, kicker and punter, you have to have to run the minicamp.

Check out the Chiefs website for bios of all these guys.