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The Chiefs Make The Playoffs If...

Over at, we're running a series looking at the offseason of every team. The NFC West kicked off the week and today we moved onto the Kansas City Chiefs. I'm the one who wrote this thing so there's probably some bias in there, but whatever.

Check out the whole thing here. One of the sections is: "They make the playoffs if..." and here's what I wrote for the Chiefs there:

Jamaal Charles is at least 90 percent of the player he was before the ACL injury, Matt Cassel has a season similar to what he did in 2010, and the defense becomes a top 10 unit. Charles should come back healthy, as should Berry. Cassel has been inconsistent in Kansas City but he has shown the ability to play well for multiple games in a row. The defense was ranked 12th in the league last year and 11th the year before. A breakout season could be on the horizon.

Please head over to the piece and comment so that we can show my boss that the Chiefs have the best fan base.

Next up is the Chargers, who have had kind of a weird offseason. They did really well in free agency but they also lost a ton of talent in free agency. It's hard to judge how they did because of that.

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