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Justin Houston Is The New Tamba Hali When It Comes To Holding

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At some point in every game over the last couple of years, some Kansas City Chiefs fan has screamed, "Tamba was held on that play!" It seemed like Chiefs LB Tamba Hali led the league in drawing offensive holding penalties, and especially holding penalties that weren't called.

But in the 2011 season, Justin Houston was the new Tamba Hali. This according to the latest from Football Outsiders.

Houston, and not Hali, ranked near the top of the league in drawing offensive holding calls. Houston drew six holding penalties last season, which placed him fourth in the NFL. Cameron Wake, the Miami Dolphins pass rusher, led the league with a whopping 13 holding calls. The next closest was the Washington Redskins' Brian Orakpo with seven.

Remember the last few years when the Chiefs have had Tamba-and-that's-it as a pass rusher? The Chiefs defense is going to make some serious strides if Houston continues on this impressive path of improvement.

(H/T stagdsp and ArrowSpread)

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