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All The Chiefs Rookie Numbers Are Out

The Kansas City Chiefs now have jersey numbers out for all the 2012 NFL draft picks. Here they are:

Dontari Poe: 92
Jeff Allen: 71
Donald Stephenson: 79
Devon Wylie: 83
De'Quan Menzie: 49
Cyrus Gray: 42
Jerome Long: 60
Junior Hemingway: 88

A couple things of note...

The undrafted free agent numbers aren't out yet.

As mentioned, No. 92 is Wallace Gilberry's old number. Gilberry is a free agent.

The Wes Welker comparisons will continue for Devon Wylie. White slot receiver means you get Welker comparisons. Add in the fact the two are wearing the same number and I have a feeling this comparison will get old pretty fast.

Tony Gonzalez's number goes to Junior Hemingway. This has happened before. Player gets No. 88. Fans get angry. Call for Chiefs to retire TG's number, which they probably will at some point.

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