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Six Questions The Chiefs Ask Themselves In The NFL Draft

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Scott Pioli
NFL: Preseason-St. Louis Rams at Kansas City Chiefs
© Denny Medley | 26 Aug 2011
Scott Pioli NFL: Preseason-St. Louis Rams at Kansas City Chiefs © Denny Medley | 26 Aug 2011

Over the last year or so we've mentioned Michael Holley's book, "War Room", which followed three NFL executives, including Kansas City Chiefs GM Scott Pioli, in the lead up to the NFL Draft a few years ago. The book was pretty great, and we've used a ton of the insight on here talking about the current Chiefs and their philosophy.

One of the best parts of the book was a passage talking about the Chiefs scouts in the lead up to the draft. The Chiefs ask themselves six questions about each prospect, according to the book, as part of the scouting process:

What will this player's role be as a Chief? | Will the role change from year one to year two? | How many downs can he be expected to play? | Which current player on the roster will he beat out? | What's his value on special teams? | Does he have positional versatility?

We'll be answering these questions for every Chiefs draft pick, which will keep us busy for a week or so. (Good grief, the offseason will take fooorever.) That should make for some good discussion. I've tried to keep these questions in mind when forming my opinion on some of these picks myself, so maybe that will help explain how I feel about some of these picks, and why I see the philosophy behind some of them, even if I don't agree with them.

Here's a solid write-up on some of the passages in the book that relate to the Chiefs draft.

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