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Checking Up On The KC Chiefs Free Agents

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We've got another list updating where the Kansas City Chiefs stand with all of their free agents. Not a whole lot has changed but a few of the guys have re-signed or signed elsewhere since we last did an update. Of all of the Chiefs own free agents who have yet to sign, I don't think there's a guy they absolutely have to re-sign. They've brought back most of the players I wanted them to (or picked up others from other teams in free agency).
Exclusive Rights Free Agents

QB Tyler Palko (ERFA): He wasn't retained by the Chiefs. He's probably moving on elsewhere. Kinda wonder if he could get an invite to the Steelers camp.

S Reshard Langford (ERFA): Haven't heard anything on him. Wouldn't surprise me if he were back at some point.

Restricted Free Agents

LB Jovan Belcher (RFA): He's in the fold with his restricted free agent tender.

Unrestricted Free Agents

RB Jackie Battle: We knew he'd test free agency and the only known visit he's had is with the Chargers. He hasn't signed with them so I'm not sure where that stands. He could also be a candidate to return to the Chiefs if he doesn't find anything else on the open market. He said in a radio interview a while back that the Chiefs said they wanted him back (but that was pre-Peyton Hillis).

TE Anthony Becht: Haven't heard anything. But it sounds like he wants to keep playing.

CB Brandon Carr: Dallas Cowboys.

DB Travis Daniels: He has re-signed.

DL Kelly Gregg: Early reports were that he was likely to retire but Romeo Crennel indicated in the KC Star a few weeks ago that they're hoping he'll consider playing again. He could be back.

RB Thomas Jones: Haven't heard anything and there's really no spot on the team for him.

FB Le'Ron McClain: He has signed with the Chargers.

DE Wallace Gilberry: Still a free agent. Interesting that it doesn't seem like he's drawing a ton of interest. He could come back to KC, too.

S Jon McGraw: No news. I'd guess that he eventually comes back to the Chiefs. Just a guess, though.

OT Ryan O'Callaghan: Retirement rumors are out there. Doesn't sound like he'll be back with the Chiefs.

QB Kyle Orton: Dallas Cowboys.

S Sabby Piscitelli: Haven't heard anything.

TE Leonard Pope: Kevin Boss probably makes him less likely to come back.

OT Barry Richardson: Only known interest was a visit to the Rams. Nothing after that.

WR Jerheme Urban: Supposedly drew some interest from the Cowboys, but no deal anywhere.

C Casey Wiegmann: Retirement? That's still the question.