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2012 NFL Draft: KC Chiefs List Of Needs

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I went through every position on the Kansas City Chiefs roster to see where exactly their needs are as we enter the 2012 NFL draft. As expected, there aren't a ton of needs on this team, which is strange considering they're not a team coming off a big playoff run (and they didn't even make the playoffs).

I found only a handful of positions -- center, tight end, receiver and safety -- where the Chiefs are unlikely to use a first round pick. But there are other areas that can be upgraded.

Check out my list of all the positions below. Any disagreements on what is and isn't a need? This draft really is pretty wide open for the Chiefs. Only a couple of glaring needs, a couple of positions that are just fine and a whole lot of others that could be upgraded given the right player.

Quarterback: I don't think you can rule this out. The KC Star's Adam Teicher has been talking an awful lot about quarterbacks in the draft, specifically Texas A&M QB Ryan Tannehill, which makes me wonder if the Chiefs are thinking that direction.

Offensive tackle: This wouldn't surprise me too much, even with the signing of right tackle Eric Winston. Branden Albert's deal is up after this year and the Chiefs could find his replacement at No. 11, or even in a trade down.

Offensive guard: If David DeCastro is there, would you be surprised if he were the pick? The Chiefs need to think about an eventual replacement for Ryan Lilja.

Center: Probably not. Rodney Hudson is in place and 11 is too high for a center.

Tight end: Doubt this for two reasons: the Kevin Boss signing and the fact that there isn't a tight end worth picking at 11.

Wide receiver: Probably not. I'd be stunned, actually, if they picked a receiver. And very mad.

Running back: Unlikely, I think. But if Trent Richardson is there, which he probably won't be, I wouldn't be totally surprised if he were the pick.

Defensive end: Two starters in place but I think this is an option, too. Like Albert, Glenn Dorsey's deal is up after the season. GM Scott Pioli spent his first two picks in Kansas City on defensive ends. He spent a high pick on Richard Seymour and Ty Warren. This one makes sense.

Nose tackle: Yup this is an option. Who? I'm not quite sure. But depending on where the Chiefs end up drafting -- they could trade down -- I see nose tackle as a hole and a potential option with the first round pick.

Outside linebacker: Hmm...probably not considering Tamba Hali is Tamba Hali and Justin Houston is rising but the Chiefs understand the importance of a pass rush. Can't rule this one out.

Inside linebacker: Very possible, if not likely. Luke Kuechly comes to mind. I can easily see him being the pick.

Cornerback: Probably not a position a lot of fans want to be picked but I think this is possible. What if the Chiefs like someone like Dre Kirkpatrick, out of Alabama? They're not that committed to Stanford Routt, who is on what amounts to a two-year contract.

Safety: I doubt it's the pick. I can't really find a good justification for selecting a safety in the first round. Maybe Kendrick Lewis could be upgraded but that's far from a major need.