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Dwayne Bowe On Franchise Tag: 'Business Is Business'

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As Josh Looney noted today over at the mothership, the Kansas City Chiefs have until July 16th to sign Dwayne Bowe to a long-term deal. If they don't, Bowe will played the 2012 season under the franchise tag. The Chiefs off season workouts begin on April 16th. Dwayne Bowe is not sure if he will attend.

Bowe was at the Nike NFL uniform launch in New York City earlier this week and Looney caught up with him and got some good quotes. He said "business is business" when asked about the tag.

On the what the Chiefs have done in free agency:

"I'm loving what they're doing for the Kansas City Chiefs," Bowe said of the team's free agent pickups to date. "We've been waiting on guys established as pros, some of the younger and more elite (free agents) to come and be Chiefs. Scott Pioli going out and getting those guys and it's only going to bring more excitement, more fans and more wins.

Check out Looney's article for more from Bowe on the Madden Curse, Romeo Crennel and the NFL draft.