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Still Talking About Moving Branden Albert To Guard

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The 2012 NFL draft is almost here so we'll be seeing a lot of articles circling the web about the Kansas City Chiefs needs. Which positions are needs? What type of needs? Which positions can be upgraded? How good is this player?

Lots of questions like that, and articles like the one below from Scouts Inc. KC Chiefs remaining team needs:

1. Left tackle: Right now their best offensive lineman is LT Branden Albert, but his best position is probably guard, where the Chiefs have some holes. They did sign UFA Eric Winston from Houston to replace struggling Barry Richardson at RT. If they could draft an LT and move Albert inside, it would strengthen two positions.

"...but his best position is probably guard..."

What? Says who?

Four years in and people still talk about moving Albert to guard. Still! I've already said I think drafting an offensive tackle at the 11th pick is not out of the question -- in fact, I think it's one of the few positions you have to absolutely consider there -- but my mock drafting a LT is also a function of Albert's contract running up, not some desire to move him to guard.

Just kinda funny that, after all these years, the same arguments are out there.