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Chiefs May 'Be Smart' With Jamaal Charles This Offseason

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Jamaal Charles / US Press Wire
Jamaal Charles / US Press Wire
Kansas City Chiefs RB Jamaal Charles provided an update on his ACL-repaired knee injury in a podcast with a website called The entire audio is posted over at their website, which you can hear here.

The word out of KC on Charles' rehab has continually been positive but he tells the Fast Life Show that the Chiefs may still take it easy on him in OTAs this spring and summer.

"I'm doing hard running right now and cutting right now," Charles said. "When I was down in Pensacola, Dr. James Andrew, who did my surgery, said I was ahead of schedule. They'll probably be smart about it when I go up there for OTAs, be smart about me not doing that and they'll probably wait until training camp."

The Chiefs offseason program can start on April 16, though various periods of the offseason program include various levels of contact (hint: not much).

"Gotta get your mind right," Charles said. "Gotta get strong. Sometimes you have to tell your mind you can do it because it's all about getting your toughness back and your strength in your knee. That's what I've been doing, rehabbing my knee and trying to get back to where I was."

Other quotes from Charles are after the jump. They're all pretty interesting.
Last September, used an ad on their website about fantasy football using a picture of Charles, injured, on the cart taking him off the field. Of that incident, he says:
"It hurt being on the website. You could tell the game is all about business. I can't control when I ge hurt. I can't control it. It's football, things are gonna happen and you can't control it. People got mad at me because they picked but at the same time I do have a family. I'm not a robot. I'm a real person. I'm not a racehorse you just go out there and buy and kill it. I'm a human. When I get hurt, I fix myself and hopefully come back next year better than what I was before. It hurt when they did that but I got over it being a bigger person and you just know who your real friends are who your real friends aren't."
On the New Orleans Saints bounty scandal:
"I can't really speak on that. I really don't know what they did. I just see on ESPN what's going on with the bounty and all that. But we know we have to play them this year so I'm happy they don't have a coach."
On Peyton Manning joining the Broncos:
"I really don't care who's in our way. We have to get them out of our way. I don't care who they go get. I just know it's going to be a good season this year. I can't wait to get on the field. I'm excited. I miss the game. I'm in love with it. I can't stop thinking about it. Playing Peyton twice a year would be great because he's a great NFL Hall of Fame quarterback but he's in our way as well."