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One NFL Mock Draft I Can Live With

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Mel Kiper's latest two round 2012 NFL mock draft is one I can definitely live with -- Boston College LB Luke Kuechly in round one and Penn State DT Devon Still in round two. That sounds like a terrific haul, only because a lot of people view Still as a first round prospect.

What's funny is that just a couple of months ago Kiper had Still going to the Chiefs, too. Except that was at the 11th pick. Pretty dramatic fall, right? The next month Kuechly was the No. 11 pick, which it is today. The first round pick is what most of us care about, though. Kiper had this to say about Kuechly:
Kansas City has a need here, and Kuechly is a safe pick, a guy who can get on the field early and pick up the nuances of the NFL game right away. A tackling machine at linebacker, he'll make any defense better.
A couple weeks ago it was Dontari Poe, and this week it's Kuechly. I think the former Boston College LB has some staying power, though. I think he'd be a very nice pick. One that would be hard to argue, really. It'd make the Chiefs linebackers an even bigger strength. Along with the secondary...that's not a bad defense.

Then again, I'd be OK with several players at the No. 11 pick. I really think this is a legitimate best player available situation and the Chiefs actually will take the best player available. We've been seeing the mock drafts go up and down the past few months from offensive tackles (pre-Eric Winston) to Dontari Poe to Luke Kuechly.