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KC Star's 2012 NFL Mock Draft Pick For The Kansas City Chiefs

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I'm always interested in the Kansas City Star's NFL mock drafts because they know as much about the Kansas City Chiefs as anyone. Adam Teicher has his 2012 NFL mock draft up and there are a few surprises in the 10 picks before the Chiefs.

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Ryan Tannehill goes to the Cleveland Browns at No. 4: This isn't a big surprise but noteworthy. He could go fourth to the Browns or eighth to the Miami Dolphins.

Michael Floyd to the Dolphins at No. 8: This would be a surprise. Floyd is generally viewed as a guy to be picked in the teens.

Dontari Poe to the Carolina Panthers at No. 9: Again, a bit of a surprise. There are some criticisms of Poe coming out right now, mainly about his lack of production in college.

And for your Chiefs pick...Boston College LB Luke Kuechly. I'm starting to warm up to this pick a little more because it does make sense on a number of levels. I remember the New England Patriots picking up LB Jerod Mayo with the 10th overall pick a few years ago being a surprise and that's turned out well. I could see this pick happening.