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KC Chiefs Preseason Schedule Expected This Afternoon

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Just as a reminder, the Kansas City Chiefs preseason schedule is expected to be announced today. An NFL spokesman confirmed that the schedule -- only the preseason, not the regular season -- will be released this afternoon.

Last year the Chiefs had one preseason game in primetime -- that Friday night game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers which was a sign of things to come that season -- 25-0, Bucs. Even in a preseason game that was embarrassing.

The Chiefs preseason schedule was actually pretty good last year, looking back on it (the schedule, not the games). They played the Baltimore Ravens, a January 2011 playoff rematch. They hosted the St. Louis Rams so that we could show those in St. Louis that there's more to life than violence and cracker-thin pizza. The Chiefs also played the Green Bay Packers in the preseason finale.

Are you looking forward to the preseason schedule release this afternoon? Or is this just me creating some hype?