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Posterized: Hali / Ali

This week I'm mixing it up and hitting you guys with a little non-fiction. As I said previously, This is a riff on Muhammad Ali's famous knockout of Sonny Liston { Photo1 | Photo 2 | Photo 3 }

This week, you guys actually get two wallpapers for the price of one. As I looked at this, as much as I am pleased with the original, it didn't seem to have enough of a connection to the old grainy, black & white photos. So I decided to do a "vintage" edition of this as well, Which I'll post after the jump.

Which do you guys like? I'm actually quite partial to the Vintage Ed. myself. Feels authentic.

Don't forget to hop over to my Facebook Page linked above to look at them large and see more details! Enjoy!

Note: I'm also releasing, for the first time, these paintings in Facebook Cover Photo format!

H/T to the infamous Mully!

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