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2012 NFL Draft Grades: Rounding Up The Report Cards

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The 2012 NFL Draft is over which means plenty of people are becoming experts on the draft and handing out the grades for every NFL team, including the Kansas City Chiefs. The Chiefs grades have been ranging from D's to B's, for the most part.

I rounded up a whole bunch of grades after the jump but before we get started, a reminder on day-after draft grades from Matt Conner of SB Nation Kansas City:

Here's the bottom line on "grades" at this point: they're good for entertainment only and hold zero merit whatsoever. Think about this: the guys who make the calls here have insider access at all levels, endless game tape, years upon years of training and their very livelihood depends on their ability to make the correct choice. They've researched, interviewed, analyzed, compared and then repeated the process all over again.

Field Yates made a similar point on the Chop Talk podcast last night -- teams have been evaluating some of these players for years. The idea that someone like Dontari Poe wasn't "on the radar" until the Combine isn't accurate.

With that said, a collection of draft grades...

Chiefs fans grade the NFL Draft

Mel Kiper's NFL Draft grades

Sports Illustrated - Chris Burke

Kansas City Chiefs: The Chiefs actually did some great work late, nabbing RB Cyrus Gray (182) and sure-handed WR Junior Hemingway (238). If only their early work had been as sturdy. DT Dontari Poe (11) might be a great one, but anyone who watched him on tape saw a lethargic competitor. If at least one of two O-line picks, Jeff Allen (44) and Donald Stephenson (74), doesn't make it, this draft might turn out to be a disaster. Grade: C

Sports Network

Losers: The Chiefs addressed their biggest need with boom-or-bust nose tackle Dontari Poe in the first round. Then, Kansas City concentrated on picking developmental players like offensive tackles Jeff Allen and Donald Stephenson, who have potential but are unlikely to contribute in a big way this season.

It might work out in the long term, but the Chiefs might have missed a chance to take hold of the AFC West. Sure, Denver is going to be the preseason favorite after winning the division last season and adding Peyton Manning via free agency.

FOX Sports - John Czarnecki

Coach Romeo Crennel has been searching for a nose tackle for his 3-4 defensive scheme and found the right guy in Dontari Poe from Memphis. Poe has tremendous upside as long as he listens to Crennel. ... The Chiefs also upgraded their offensive line with Jeff Allen, who played both left and right tackle at Illinois, and Oklahoma's Donald Stephenson. However, Stephenson has failed drug tests, been arrested and was also suspended for the entire 2009 season. No offensive tackle jumped higher or longer than Stephenson at the Scouting Combine, though. ... Fresno State receiver Devon Wylie may be a faster Wes Welker, and Cyrus Gray is a very underrated running back from Texas A&M. Scott Pioli found several athletes and all of them at positions of need.Grade: B+

Walter Football on Jeff Allen

"I knew the Chiefs were going with an offensive lineman, but I did not expect Jeff Allen at this spot. There are mixed opinions on Allen; some major boards had him in the 70s, while others ranked him in the 40-50 range. Allen needs to be developed, but he has potential to play left tackle. This is important for the Chiefs, who could be losing Branden Albert next year."

Walter Football on Dontari Poe

"Ugh. Does Scott Pioli watch film? How can he spend such a high pick on a Combine star who did absolutely nothing on the field? I won't ignore Dontari Poe's upside, but he has major bust potential. David DeCastro would have been a much better selection."

Opposing Views

11. Kansas City Chiefs: Dontari Poe, NT, Memphis: D-

Dontari Poe was a freak in workouts and at the NFL combine. He is an unbelievable athlete for his size, and he earned a lot of money with his incredible combine. But this is an awful pick by the Chiefs. Poe is a great talent, but his work ethic has been called into question and for good reason. With Poe showing out like he did in workouts, it raises the question of why he didn't dominate the C-USA competition he faced at Memphis.

USA Today

Liked it: 14. Kansas City Chiefs: They've lacked a roadblock on their defensive line for some time, so we loved the choice of athletic 346-pound NT Dontari Poe 11th overall, especially given the ability to groom him under the watch of coach Romeo Crennel. GM Scott Pioli also upgraded his offensive line and made a nice grab by getting Alabama DB DeQuan Menzie in the fifth. Sexy? No. QB prospect? No. But this is a sneaky good roster.