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NFL Power Rankings: Are The Chiefs The 28th Ranked Team?

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Everyone has their opinion about their own team and as Kansas City Chiefs fans we're admittedly a little biased about our team. The Chiefs last year went 7-9, despite multiple injuries to key players, and after free agency and the NFL Draft I think the Chiefs got better from the end of last season to now.

But it doesn't look like everyone agrees. Mike Silver of Yahoo! Sports writes in his power rankings column that the Chiefs are the 28th best team.
28. Kansas City Chiefs: Do Scott Pioli and Romeo Crennel seem overly optimistic in their assessment of the Chiefs' talent level - or am I just so pessimistic about K.C.'s quarterback situation that it completely clouds my thinking?
Two things..

Yes, it does seem like the Chiefs are a little optimistic about their own team. Matt Conner mentioned on the Chop Talk podcast last night that it almost seems like the Chiefs have a swagger, saying they have very few needs before the draft and then picking Dontari Poe and expecting their coaches to coach him up.


No, the Chiefs are not this bad. Not 28th-in-the-NFL bad. Maybe this comes back to bite me and the Chiefs have a horrible 2012 season but the way I view it the Chiefs should be up there with the Denver Broncos and San Diego Chargers when talking about the top of the AFC West. I don't think those three teams are very far apart, even if Peyton Manning is healthy and kicking ass again. When you have an offensive line like the Chiefs appear to have, and a running back like Jamaal Charles, I don't think there are going to be 27 teams better than you.

That's just my opinion. What's your opinion about this 28th ranking?