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NFL Draft Grades: Chiefs Fans Say...

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ESPN's Mel Kiper graded the Kansas City Chiefs 2012 NFL Draft as a whopping...C+. That was a fair grade in my opinion, comparing the Chiefs draft class to the rest of the NFL. The Chiefs draft doesn't have me incredibly excited but it also doesn't have disappointed.

We put up a poll yesterday asking everyone to grade the Chiefs draft and after 4,200+ votes, we have our answers: 52% say B, 29% say C, 9% say D, 7% say A and 2% say F.

Averaging that out and it's somewhere around a low B, high C. That's about what I'm putting them, though I stuck with a high C in my SB Nation grades.

The Chiefs draft is kind of strange to draft because my reaction isn't to grade depth picks very well, even if that's what the Chiefs do. So the Chiefs draft may not get high grades but I think a few of the picks make plenty of sense for the Chiefs. Of course, there are also some question marks. My full grade sheet is coming this morning but a couple of the picks have me scratching my head.