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Clark Hunt Talks About Keeping The Tradition In The Chiefs Uniforms

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Kansas City Chiefs owner Clark Hunt commented on the Chiefs uniform changes in a video at He noted that the Chiefs are one of the few NFL teams who have made only small changes to their uniforms in the last 50 years so it was important to them that they maintain the traditional look. He talks about the small change the Chiefs made to their uniforms, as well as some of the technological advances Nike has used with the uniforms.

Here's a transcribed version of the video, which you can watch at

"I would like to think that when our fans first look at the uniform they'll say, 'Hey that's the same Chiefs uniform I've been seeing for 50 years.' On the other hand, when they look up close,t hey'll see the technological changes that Nike has incorporated. It shows up in the pants and the jersey as well. I'm really pleased with the job Nike did with walking that fine line between introducing the technology, which they've made a lot of advances on the technology on the uniform, and also maintaining the traditional look of our uniform, which is something that's very important to me and our family. We're one of the few teams in the NFL who's uniforms has changed very little over 50-plus years and so we spent a lot of time working with Nike trying to find that right balance between making sure we have the new technology that they're introducing but also maintaing our traditional look."

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"The first thought that pops into my mind is that they look fast," Hunt continued. "They're tapered in their look and I know if I was a player I would love playing in that uniform. It's lightweight and it doesn't absorb water, which means even in wet conditions the uniform doesn't become bogged down. I really think it's outstanding. I think our fans are going to love it.

"The one small change our fans will see is that the numbers, which have traditionally been on the sleeve, have moved up onto the shoulder pads. That was really just a byproduct of the fact that the uniform fits very tightly around the shoulder area of the players and there wasn't room to continue to have the numbers on the sleeves so we thought the right compromise was to move them up onto the shoulder pads, which is a place a number of NFL teams have their numbers."