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Grade The Kansas City Chiefs 2012 NFL Draft

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This morning, Joel mentioned that Mel Kiper's 2012 NFL Draft grade for the Kansas City Chiefs was a C+. Kiper liked the offensive linemen the Chiefs drafted but, and you'll hear this a lot, he dinged KC for the Dontari Poe selection at No. 11. Kiper thought Poe could have been had much later in the draft.

I have to agree with Kiper. Sort of. If you're going to ding the Chiefs draft, I would start with the Poe pick as well. Not that Dontari Poe isn't a promising player. Not at all. That's not what we're grading here. We're grading how well the Chiefs played the chess game that is the NFL Draft. And taking a guy at No. 11 with a lot of unknowns whose stock was bolstered by a great NFL Combine isn't really the position you want to be in.

I'll chime in with more thoughts later and Joel will have his grades post coming up soon.

So if Mel Kiper thought the Chiefs deserved a C+, what grade do you give the Chiefs this year? Vote!

The Kansas City Chiefs full draft results are after the jump.